Past Participants

The following is a list of past participants who completed the first level Shadow Coaching training:

Adria Trowhill - Canada

Alan Brisbon - USA

Alessia Canfarini - Italy

Ann Firstbrook - Canada

Anna Di Pede - Canada

Anne Hurtubise - Canada

Anne Kelly - USA

Barbara Cassoli - Italy

Barbara Savoie - Canada

Bernita Kiefte  - Canada

Bert David - USA

Ciro Magni - Italy

Colleen Braun  - Canada

Colleen Rooney - Canada

Connie Broomfield - USA

Cori Beber - Canada  

Craig Trowhill - Canada

Cristina Andreoletti - Italy

Deborah Huisken - USA

Deborah Mecklinger - Canada

Drazia Rubenstein - USA

Elena Guagno - Italy

Glain Roberts-McCabe - Canada

Isabella Pierantoni - Italy

Jack Johnson  - USA

Jan Rybeck - USA

Jane Kilpatrick - Canada

Jennifer Britton - Canada

John Lazar - USA

Judith Michael - Canada

Julie Morton - Canada

Keith Hearly - USA

Laura Boscolo - Italy

Laura Innocente - Italy

Lee Salmon - USA

Lucia Murphy  - USA

Manon Dulude - Canada

Marcia Dorfman - Canada

Marco Rivolta - Italy

Mariella  Bisaccia - Italy

Marina Giardini - Italy

Melinda Sinclair - Canada

Michael "Coop" Cooper  - USA

Michelle Randall - USA

Nancy Wallack - Canada

Ora Shtull - USA

Paola Patetta - Italy

Parker Anderson  - USA

Pat Siegel - USA

Patricia Comley - Canada

Peter Sherer  - USA

Ray Biegun - USA

Rena Pittao - Canada

Roberto Strapazzon - Italy

Sara Thompson - Canada

Sheeba Varghese - Canada

Sue Johnston - Canada

Susan McKillen - Canada

Susan Meyer - USA

Sylvie Labelle - Canada

Ted Kniker - USA

Theresa Valade - USA

Tina Sung - USA

Valerie Henderson  - Canada

Walter Besecker - USA

Wanda Taylor - USA

Wendy Pentland  - Canada


The Founder

Donna works with global leaders to develop the competencies and practices that enable them to meet the challenges of the future.

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What past participants are saying...

The Shadow Coaching Training provided a tremendously powerful coaching tool/skill set that will prove quite valuable in today's "do more with less" environment that clients are demanding.

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The Shadow Coach observes how individuals construct interpretations about their ways of being which are then reflected through their language and actions. It also works with emerging shadow personalities and helps the client embrace and accept their ‘shadow’ personalities as a vital and valid part of their character.