Read what participants of the School of Shadow Coaching Training have said:
Paula T Saboia

PCC/ICF. Adigo Lumo, São Paulo, Brasil
The Shadow Coaching course mirrors Donna Karlin’s authenticity and provocative style which brought new questions to my own coaching practice.

Raffaella Iaselli

Brief Business Life Coach Accreditata ICF, Milan, Italy
“Ho trovato il corso di Shadow coaching di Donna a Milano entusiasmante e illuminante sia per lo spessore umano che per la qualità professionale davvero altissima!!! Si comprende la maestria nel saper inspirare le persone verso un cambiamento etico e valoriale che crea benessere anche a livello sistemico. Grazie Donna!!"

I found the Shadow Coaching course in Milan enlightening both from the human side as well as for its very high professionalism! We experienced her mastery in inspiring people towards an ethical shift very powerful at a systemic level as well. Thank you Donna!!


Anne Kelly

CEO, Federal Consulting Group, Washington D.C
In one word...Donna is "brilliant." She is a world class coach, with exceptional skills to bring out the very best in her clients. Her insight and wisdom, coupled with her boundless positive spirit make her a highly skilled coach. She was a tremendous support to FCG during its time of transition and great turmoil. We couldn't have made it through without her. If you need an executive coach with finely honed skills, who always asks the right questions, look no further than Donna.

Cameron Goldie
Operations Director L’Orchidea Viaggi / Executive Coach Milano Italy
Donna’s Shadow Coach training combined two often conflicting aspects in real harmony; coaching with heart and true down to earth pragmatism. Through this combination I experienced the real power of this method and appreciate the aim of ensuring the client is autonomous and empowered from the start. As for the course itself, I was amazed by Donna’s energy and ability to take practical examples to illustrate any and every question, I went away exhausted and exhilarated – thankyou!
Kathryn McEwen

Organisational Psychologist. Adelaide, Australia
Donna’s workshop is one of the best I have done in more than 25 years of workplace coaching. Learning how to focus in on the core issues in real time is practical, powerful and a refreshing complement to traditional longer sessions.  What’s more it’s ideal for the busy executives and professionals I work with who want ‘just in time’ partnering on the challenges they are facing at that moment.  I’ve taken Donna’s advice of ‘diving in with both feet’ and am finding the tools immediately useful in a wide variety of work settings.  Not sure if I will ever replicate her unique blend of  humility, respect, creativity and directness, but I’m giving it a very good try.  Australians, get ready for shadow coaching.

Alisa Cardaci

Executive & Sales Coach. Perth, Australia
Fast, concise, effective and empowering - this is the style of coaching that I feel Donna Karlin (The Shadow Coach®) embodies and I’m very grateful she’s sharing it with others. When Donna visited us on the west coast of Australia in Perth in Feb 2014, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Shadow Coaching. What I came away with was;
1. A reminder to stay in enquiry, suspend judgment and be present with your client;
2. A series of simple but profound tools to help clients move themselves;
3. Permission to be more direct in a helpful way;
4. Experience of being shadow coached and of shadow coaching.

This information has allowed me to explore new ways of coaching my clients and I’m adding more value to each client I’m working with.

Rho Sandberg

Principal, CLE Consulting, Australia
Donna Karlin has managed to stand back from ‘business as usual’ in the world of coaching, and brings fresh clarity to the difference between what is happening and what is often needed by our clients. Shadow Coaching offers executives and coaching clients the same gift. I found her training program refreshing, dynamic and immediately applicable.

Peter Sherer

Senior Partner - ExperienceMatters: Washington D.C
The day after Donna’s training I offered myself as a shadow coach to a high ranking Federal executive. He understood the value of the shadow process right away. He said that he could see the depth of the relationship that was possible and he was relieved to have a partner during a time of major organizational change. I am so glad that I didn’t offer the same old once a week coaching model. From now on, I will only use the old model if someone insists. Thanks Donna.

Lou Chrostowski

Consultant and executive coach at Karlin Sloan and Company, Rhode Island
Since my formal coach training, I make it a point to do at least one or two programs a year to further develop my coaching competencies. Of the programs I have participated in over the past few years, I found this to be one of the best. While the subject matter and content is excellent, Donna Karlin is clearly one of the best instructors I've had the opportunity to learn from. Donna is exceptional in meeting the needs of her students and kept me 100% engaged during the entire program. I look forward to continue my learning under her instruction.

Sally Harrision

Brandywine Consultants, Metro New York
The Shadow Coaching Training provided a tremendously powerful coaching tool/skill set that will prove quite valuable in today's "do more with less" environment that clients are demanding. It is also a versatile asset for longer term coaching engagements. Thanks Donna for bringing this cutting-edge training to me. I know it will benefit my clients!

Jennifer Britton, PCC

Potentials Realized, Toronto, ON
Donna's Shadow Coach training is incredible. The model is perfect for professionals and teams working in high paced, rapidly changing environments. Donna, thank you for an inspiring, electrifying time.

Connie Broomfield

Broomfield International, Washington D.C.
Like Super Conductivity itself, Donna Karlin is a phenomenon. She is fascinating and informative. Park your assumptions and find out for yourself!

Michelle Randall

The Juncture Company, California
Donna has optimized transformation facilitation with the combination of laser and shadow coaching. The training sharpened advanced skills and gives the experienced coach room to grow.

A. Trowhill, MA, CPCC, MCC

Positrak Coaching, Toronto ON
This is a course you won’t want to miss! Donna Karlin brings wit, wisdom, skills and knowledge based on years of experience to her Shadow Coach™ Training. Your intellect will be challenged, you will have fun and you will acquire skills you can immediately use in your coaching.

Darryl Cross

Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Family Advisor, Presenter, Psychologist - Adelaide, Australia
How do you describe someone who is totally distinctive, a pioneer and at the frontier in the field of coaching. Not only does Donna have a unique style in relation to shadow coaching, but her ability to cut through and do so in such gracious way is simply amazing as well as inspiring. Donna has been on a number of trips now to the Land of Oz and we are thrilled whenever she comes. We can't get enough of her. There is no doubt that Donna is a stand-out in the field of coaching so if you get the opportunity to either hear her, or attend any of her workshops and presentations, it is simply a must. She is one "out of the box" as they say.

Tracy Combe

True Achievement Coaching - Adelaide, Australia
From the minute Donna started presenting I knew I was in for a real learning experience. Her method of teaching is excellent and the material is very educational. I found the entire 'Shadow Coaching' technique very valuable and effective and am inspired to use it within my practice. I am a person who values efficiency and this method does just that, being powerful and to the point. Thank you for enhancing my skills Donna.

Enrico Perversi

Executive Coach & Consultant, Milan, Italy ESP+, Area Leader Nord, ICF Italia
Ho partecipato al corso di SHadow Coaching di Donna Karlin a Milano nel maggio 2014. La sua metodologia apre prospettive nuove, obbliga a considerare punti di vista diversi, a porsi questioni solo sfiorate in precedenza.

Il contenuto è solido e la pratica è ben proporzionata rispetto alla teoria. Donna è un’eccellente insegnante/coach e la sua lunga pratica diventa un patrimonio anche dei partecipanti.

I contenuti richiedono di essere sperimentati in campo con attenzione. Ho iniziato a farlo e sicuramente parteciperò al livello 2 del corso.

I attended the course of Shadow Coaching by Donna Karlin in Milan in May 2014. Her methodology opens new perspectives, obliges you to consider different points of view, and to ask yourself questions only touched upon earlier.

The content is solid and the practice is well proportioned with respect to theory. Donna is an excellent teacher / coach and her long practice becomes an asset also of the participants. The contents need to be carefully tested in the field. I already started doing it and definitely I will attend the Level 2 course.

Mary Argese

Executive Business Coach & Personal Life Coach, Coaching Business Success, Western Australia
Donna opened up conversations and possibilities for engagement, learning and action that were refreshingly new and rich. It will take time and practice for me to become proficient with these new mindsets, distinctions and ways of operating. I already know the return on investment and value will be tremendous for my clients and the fulfillment of their commitments. Again, thank you for developing, modeling and being what shadow coaching can offer the world. It’s a great gift.

John Lazar, MA, MCC
President, Lazar consulting., Chicago, IL
Donna Karlin's workshop is exciting and informative to experience. This is a different approach than what we are familiar with, and it holds the promise of providing extraordinary added value. Donna is a masterful practitioner, especially with this approach and content. She is able to model and explain what's essential and is generous in assuring we have a great learning experience and are set up for success, our way. Thank you, Donna!
Emanuela Del Pianto

Work & Organizational Psychologist, HR Senior Consultant, Rome, Italy
Cara Donna, Ho apprezzato la tua eccellenza e quella del tuo metodo. Grazie ancora per la tua generosità, chiarezza, incisività e passione e grazie per le cose belle che mi hai lasciato e che diventeranno idee co-create con te.

Dear Donna, I appreciate your excellence and your methodology. Thanks again for your generosity, clarity, incisiveness and passion and for your wonderful ideas that I will integrate into my work.

Clive Leach

Clive Leach Consultancy Sydney, Australia
I so enjoyed the two days with you and have already made many references back to the program in my coaching. The responsibility matrix has really resonated with my clients and a much greater focus on my part in exploring assumptions versus truths has been powerful. I have also been more conscious of cutting to the quick.

Claire Nabke-Hatton

Clinical & Coaching Psychologist / Leadership Facilitator, NSW Health, Australia
Donna Karlin is an extraordinary coach and an equally extraordinary presenter. Do not come to her workshop expecting the 'same old' - rather, expect to be surprised, challenged and inspired. And come along ready to have an experience. Donna is so generous in sharing her experience in a very real way, such that workshop participants get a glimpse into her world of shadow and laser coaching as if they were actually there. But they also get to try it on for size in practice exercises with each other, stretching their existing skills and gaining valuable feedback in the process. And because Donna has crystal clear boundaries and strong ethical principles, the atmosphere created is one of mutual respect, professionalism and support. To me, this makes all the difference..

Marcia Dorfman, MSOD, CPCC, PCC

One on One Coaching Inc.: Kingston, ON
I have just spent two, mind-expanding, heart-opening days in Donna Karlin’s School of Shadow Coaching. Donna teaches, and demonstrates no-nonsense, straight to the heart-of-the-matter coaching on what you and your clients need to know to move forward to the destination of your choice. She listens deeply, intently, with immense curiosity and caring, literally on the edge of her seat, leaning forward, to absorb every nuance in her client’s or student’s speech, body language, and spirit. Donna is witty, wise, bold, brilliant... and fun! She is also joyous in the sharing of her skills. If I have absorbed one-tenth of what she offers in her being, and the coaching language and techniques she teaches, I will be beyond grateful.

Drazia Rubenstein, MCC, CPBA, CPVA

President, Systems for Success, Inc., Aventura, Florida
What an experience! Donna Karlin has the ability to synthesize what appear to be complex concepts and reduce them to basic “user friendly” elements, and the gift of being able to present them in an understandable way. I completed the two-day Shadow Coaching program with more “tips and tools” than I could have anticipated. What I learned from Donna in two days has already made a significant difference in my life and my coaching!

Glain Roberts-McCabe

President, The Executive Roundtable, Toronto ON
WOW. Donna Karlin and her work in Shadow Coaching... AMAZING. Results driven, focused, authentic, inspiring... Donna truly has a gift and is so generous in her desire to share her wisdom and insights with others. After her two day Shadow Coaching session, I was thrilled to FINALLY find an approach to coaching that makes cuts through the clutter to deliver SUSTAINABLE results for my clients. Thank you Donna!


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The Shadow Coaching Training provided a tremendously powerful coaching tool/skill set that will prove quite valuable in today's "do more with less" environment that clients are demanding.

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The Shadow Coach observes how individuals construct interpretations about their ways of being which are then reflected through their language and actions. It also works with emerging shadow personalities and helps the client embrace and accept their ‘shadow’ personalities as a vital and valid part of their character.

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