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School of Shadow Coaching® Advanced Coach Training

This is a unique opportunity to customize and evolve your coaching and we can bring it to your area!

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Cancellation Policy: You may cancel 45 days or more prior to the starting date of the program, and your tuition is fully refundable minus a $100 administration fee. If you cancel between 45 and 20 days prior, we will refund 50% of the program fee. No refunds are possible after 20 days prior to the starting date. Substitutions may be permitted at our discretion. ***

Program fees are payable in full to ensure placement in the training. (Last minute registration, paid in full, will be considered if there is still room in the workshop) 

Our schedule is being finalized for 2018. Please check back to see where we will be over the next 12 months

"Are you giving clients what they think they can get or what they really want?" If coaches are supposed to be so great at listening, how about paying attention to the fact that there are things your clients want from you that you aren't offering them?  ... Yet!

There's a new model of Coaching bursting old paradigms, and making a big noise in the profession.  Are you going to miss the freshest thing to happen in the Coaching Industry in a very very long time?

Training continues to evolve, just as humans, business, and the coaching profession will continue to evolve. The Coaching profession is changing and clients are becoming more sophisticated in what they want -- and expect -- from coaches and coaching.  Increasingly, clients -- whether political, government, corporate or personal -- are asking for coaching that focuses on their specific situation, need or opportunity.  As a result, the Coach's success is determined by how well they are equipped to provide a unique and customized program that meets the client’s specific requirements.  In this Shadow  Coaching® training we will discuss ways to develop your knowledge and expertise.

Our program is intensive.  Our training is designed to meet current needs being expressed by the community of graduate coaches and to bring forward our latest models, frameworks and Shadow  Coaching® material in support of integration and evolution of graduate learning.

This training will be challenging, will stretch you as a coach and help you grow in your field of practice.  Our commitment is to accept participants into the program who have the interest, capacity, resourcefulness, skill, and desire to become masterful executive Coaches.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Understand and leverage what clients want from coaches and coaching Learn to customize and deliver proficiency-based in-real-time observational / situational coaching to clients
  • Receive ideas, tools and concepts that will accelerate their success as an executive coach
  • Work with your clients Shadow personalities
  • Hone Laser Coaching proficiencies; go to the core dynamic of a situation in minutes.
  • Learn how to turn clients into ‘reflective practitioners.’

Training Format:

  • Intensive format and time-efficient design
  • Experiential—hand’s on and interactive
  • Collaborative learning
  • Integration of concepts and practice in class sessions

Target Audience:

  • Experienced coaches who have coached a minimum of 10 clients
  • Executive and corporate coaches, both internal and external coaches
  • Coaches in the legal realm, medical field or sales arenas


         CCEU credits awarded upon completion of this training


Perspective is both the angle you see yourself and your life from as well as the viewing height. The higher the perspective, the clearer the view. A Shadow Coach helps you increase your perspective by helping you see what you're not paying attention to, by asking illuminating questions, introducing paradoxes, and co-creating stimulating arenas and environments that will expand your thinking, as your world unfolds. - Donna Karlin

This advanced Level training will take real-life case studies, reverse engineer them and, step by step, identify applicable models, approaches and shadows that emerge.

Nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it, nor as horrible. Intangibles such as fantasies, beliefs, ideas and concepts may last and influence the choices we make in our lives. You can help shift how people think; how they see themselves and how they view the world. That is how you can be a catalyst for change in the world. Master the skills you need to get beyond your own limitations and help transform lives, leaders and the organizations and communities they serve. Make it safe for people to reveal, identify and embrace their shadows and become all of who they are.

There is a shadow-like energy that exists which is mostly hidden from the conscious mind yet contributes to the overall shape of one's personality. According to Carl Jung, the shadow is that part of the personality one chooses not to see. Usually something one is ashamed of, the shadow is comprised of whatever one cannot accept in one’s idea of oneself. Not being integrated or even acknowledged by conscious mind, the shadow sits and waits in the unconscious. If it's not acknowledged, it doesn't disappear, it goes under the surface, continuing to influence the person. The solution is not to repress the client's shadow but to shine a light on it, help them acknowledge it and learn to incorporate it into daily life. If not acknowledged, the shadow will take on a life of its own and block critical energy. However, once one starts to acknowledge their shadows, integration begins and incredible positive energy returns. 

Coaching a client around their shadows allows that energy to be accepted and bring a greater balance to their lives. The shadow must be neither repressed nor fully exploited but, through coaching, to transform it into appropriate channels, and bringing it into balance with the conscious personality. Sometimes it is not the darker aspects of the unconscious but the very best parts, the hidden talents and strengths that emerge. Acknowledging the presence of previously unrealized gifts takes courage as, integrating them demands a change in lifestyle. Through Laser Coaching®, we will shine a light on these unconscious gifts, helping clients create change by choice and evolve into their level of excellence. 

In this intensive training, you will master the most powerful and effective coaching skills, ask provocative and illuminating questions to identify and break through the limitations of the shadow and help clients (and you, as coaches) shift from a limited to a limitless world.

This is transformational coaching.

This training is for those advanced coach practitioners who want to take a deeper dive with their clients and create powerful, sustainable, change.

Duration: 3 days

Facilitator:       Donna Karlin, PCC, CEC, MCEC, Diplomate IABMCP, Founder and Principal, The School of Shadow Coaching®

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The Founder

Donna works with global leaders to develop the competencies and practices that enable them to meet the challenges of the future.

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What past participants are saying...

The Shadow Coaching Training provided a tremendously powerful coaching tool/skill set that will prove quite valuable in today's "do more with less" environment that clients are demanding.

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The Shadow Coach observes how individuals construct interpretations about their ways of being which are then reflected through their language and actions. It also works with emerging shadow personalities and helps the client embrace and accept their ‘shadow’ personalities as a vital and valid part of their character.

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